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CCC 2018 - Proceedings

Automation and Robotics in Construction

A novel approach to develop vertical city utilizing construction automation and robotics
Rongbo Hu, Wen Pan and Thomas Bock

Are computers agents? Considering the implication of classifying computers as occupants on energy consumption and proximity-asutility equipment scheduling
Stephen Oliver and Farzad Pour Rahimian

Artificial intelligence assisted professional work in BIM: A machine reasoning extension
Shen Xu, Weizi Li, Llewellyn CM Tang, Lin Yang and Qiang Tang

Automation for building performance and maintenance efficiency
Nuno D. Cortiços

Automation of Davidovits theory in construction using mobile laser robot
Alexey Bulgakov, Thomas Bock, Sergei Emelianov, Tatiana Kruglova and Daher Sayfeddine

Critical analysis of factors affecting the on-site productivity in Indian construction industry
Saurav Dixit, Satya N. Mandal, Joseph V Thanikal and Kinshuk Saurabh

Evaluation of the construction project success with use of neural networks
Alexey Bulgakow, Georgii Tokmakov, Jens Otto and Katharina Langosch

Integrating software and hardware to enhance classroom BIM instruction
Darren Olsen and Mark Tatum

Blockchain in the built environment: analysing current applications and developing an emergent framework
Jennifer Li, David Greenwood and Mohamad Kassem

Lunar construction solution: Chinese Super Mason
Cheng Zhou, Rui Chen and Lieyun Ding

Process information modelling (PIM) for public housing construction project in Hong Kong
Wen Pan, Bahriye Ilhan and Thomas Bock 

Rethinking the roles in the AEC industry to accommodate digital fabrication
Borja García de Soto, Isolda Agustí-Juan, Samuel Joss, Jens Hunhevicz, Guillaume Habert and Bryan Adey

Simulating the workflow of robotic steel and concrete 3D printers to build organic shaped structures
AbdAllah Abou Yassin, Farook Hamzeh, Fatima El Sakka and Hasnaa Alhussein

Smart technologies in the future housing constructions
Mohammadali Heidari and Erfaneh Allameh

Volume - forming 3D concrete printing using a variable - diameter square nozzle
Jie Xu and Lieyun Ding

Creative Construction Technology and Materials

A study of the possibility of using ground waste glass as a replacement for cement in cement composites
Elżbieta Horszczaruk and Piotr Brzozowski

A study to investigate using mobile devices in the construction management classroom as rationalized by the needs of industry
Jeffrey Kim

Advantages and disadvantages of trenchless construction approach as compared to the traditional open cut installation of underground utility systems
Scott W. Kramer, Junshan Liu, Guillermo Provencio

Construction methods used for controlling temperature in mass concrete structures
Mohamed Abdel-Raheem, Ofsman Quintana, Melissa Morales, Yahaira Marroquin-Villa, Dalinda Ramos and Sylvia Hernandez 

Construction 4.0: towards delivering of sustainable houses in South Africa
Temidayo O. Osunsanmi, Clinton O. Aigbavboa, Ayodeji Oke and Ifije Ohiomah 

Dry-mix autoclaved lunar concrete from lower-Ti basalt lunar regolith simulant
Lixiong Cai, Lieyun Ding and Hanbin Luo

Initial investigation of generating electricity from concrete
Mohamed Abdel-Raheem, Ofsman Quintana, Jennifer Cortina and Hector Flores

Maintaining building function during a fire event: analysis of hospital fire and smoke control cystems
Daniel Fleck and Scott W. Kramer

Optimizing 3D printing path to minimize the formation of weak bonds
Fatima El Sakka, Mohammad Hasan Senan, AbdAllah Abou Yassin and Farook Hamzeh

Potential impact of phase change materials on energy reduction in Army buildings
Keith A. Rahn and Kelli A. Polzin

Preliminary structural analysis of a conceptual design for a small-scale erectable lunar habitat
Jian Fan, Chuan-Chang Yang, Elton J. Chen and Han-Bin Luo

Social housing to nZEB - Portuguese context
Nuno D. Cortiços

Technology, structure formation and properties of foam concrete on activated water of mixing
Nikolay Karpenko, Vladimir Erofeev, Denis Emelianov, Valery Fomichev and Alexey Bulgakov

The analysis of the influence of the corrosion protection method of selected steel elements on the steel structure life cycle costs
Adam Kristowski, Beata Grzyl and Dariusz Kowalski

The rigid and flexible road pavements in terms of life cycle costs
Adam Kristowski, Beata Grzyl, Marzena Kurpińska and Marek Pszczoła

Tunnels between continents
Håvard Østlid 

Use of a 3D scanner for imaging concrete sample surfaces abraded with the ASTM C 1138 method
Elżbieta Horszczaruk and Piotr Brzozowski

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems in the South-Eastern United States
Omkar Gadgil and Scott W. Kramer

A model to approach BIM adoption process and possible BIM implementation failures
Elodie Hochscheid and Gilles Halin 

Creative Management in Construction

A study on adjustment method of finishing work schedule based on image detection for high-rise building construction
Taekyu Ko, Joonghwan Shin, Soonwook Kwon, S. Callejas-Sandoval, Heesung Park and Jaewoo Park

Advantageous bridge construction with prefabrication
Radan Tomek

An assessment of construction procurement systems for public urban infrastructure projects
Khotso Dithebe, Clinton O. Aigbavboa and Ayodeji E. Oke

An integrated multi-attribute-decision making approach for selecting structural system: a case study
Gul Polat, Harun Turkoglu, Atilla Damci

An investigation of leadership styles of construction professionals in the South African construction industry
Chijioke Emere, Clinton O. Aigbavboa and Wellington D. Thwala

Analysis of improvisation in construction through agent-based modelling
Hasnaa Alhussein, Farook Hamzehand AbdAllah Abou Yassin

Analyzing the critical risk factors in oil and gas pipelines projects regarding the perceptions of the stakeholders
Layth Kraidi, Raj Shah, Wilfred Matipa and Fiona Borthwick

Appraising the utility of Internet-mediated communication for qualitative data collection in built environment research
Bankole Awuzie

Attributes of farmers’ willingness in participatory irrigation infrastructure management
Mohsin Ali Soomroand Tania Ali Soomro

Best Value Procurement – The first experiences from Norway
Glumur Orri Högnason, Paulos Abebe Wondimu and Ola Lædre

Trust: Work-related crime in the AEC-industry
Atle Engebø, Marie Hammer Iversen, Leif Daniel Houck, Ola Lædre and Jardar Lohne 

Challenges faced by stakeholders in the road construction projects in the Gauteng province of South Africa
Nokulunga X. Mashwama, Winnie S. Mushatu and Clinton O. Aigbavboa

Determination of a classification tool for IFC data models based on a predefined classification system
Robert Susset, Borja García de Soto and Claus Maier

Collaboration strategy for ODA project using social network analysis
Jiseop Lee, Jin Woo Won, Jeonghun Lee and Seung-Heon Han

Comparative analysis of regional construction labor cost variations via panel data modeling: the evidence of Mainland China
Ming Luo, Hongqin Fan and Guiwen Liu

Construction productivity and construction project performance in Indian construction projects
Saurav Dixit, Satya N Mandal, Joseph V Thanikal and Kinshuk Saurabh

Construction scenario for water supply infrastructure in North Korea
Sangmin Oh, Minju Kim, Sangyup Kim, Hunhee Cho and Kyung-In Kang

Correlation between contract type selection and cost growth in U.S Army corps construction Projects
Kristina Williams, Anoop Sattineni and Robert A Bugg

Cost estimating and building information modelling (BIM) in road construction
Stanislav Vitasek and Josef Zak

Country portfolio model considering market uncertainties in construction industry
Won Jin Woo, Seung-Heon Han, Woosik Jang

Critical leadership factors to enhance workers performance in the South African construction industry
Chijioke Emere, Clinton O. Aigbavboa and Wellington D. Thwala

Design rules to improve efficiency in the steel construction industry
Mathieu Fokwa Soh, Daniel Barbeau, Sylvie Dore and Daniel Forgues

Detection of unbalanced bids: a case study
Gul Polat, Harun Turkoglu and Atilla Damci

Development of verification system of earthwork amount using 3D analysis cell
Jae-Woo Park and Seok Kim

Effective process of project monitoring and control
Mamoon Mousa Atout

Enhancing Lean Concept in precast concrete manufacturing with advanced Material Requirements Planning System
Aleksander K. Nicał

Entrepreneurship in the construction industry: key themes and factors to success
J. Mark Taylor, David G. McTier, Darren Olsenand Paul Holley

Exploring opportunities in risks of residential construction projects
Djoen San Santoso and Venkata S. Raju Nadimpalli

Factors affecting readiness of Thai contractor in approaching ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
Thippawan Boonyaperm

Factors enhancing practitioners’ motivation in small local constructor in Japan
Lingling Wang and Tsunemi Watanabe

Firm’s characteristics as a determinant of firm’s growth
Bernard Martin Arthur-Aidoo, Clinton O. Aigbavboa and Wellington D. Thwala

Fuzzy logic model for initial project screening with consideration of decision position
Li-Chung Chao

Generating a visual map of the crane workspace using top-view cameras for assisting operation
Yu Wang, Hiromasa Suzuki, Yutaka Ohtake, Takayuki Kosaka and Shinji Noguchi

How DEWA increased efficiencies and value by using streamlined project management
Tarek Hassan Tawfik and Omran Al-Shamsi

Identification factors influencing accessibility of credit for small and medium contractors in the construction industry
Olanrewaju Abdul Balogun, Nazeem Ansary and Justus Agumba

Identifying factors of risk management for the construction industry
Berenger Yembi Renault and Nazeem Ansary 

Identifying infrastructure project uncertainties during project initiation using system thinking
Afolabi Onalaja, Wai Ming Cheung and Victor Samwinga

Improvement measures for the maintenance market through the current status analysis in Korea
Sangyup Kim, Minju Kim, Sangmin Oh, Hunhee Cho and Kyung-In Kang

Improving efficiency and environmental impact applying JIT logistics and transport consolidation in urban construction projects
Ruben Vrijhoef

Investigating the productivity based system of labour intensive works in delivering road infrastructure in rural communities in Ghana
Emmanuel Bamfo-Agyei, Clinton O. Aigbavboa and Wellington D. Thwala

Involving knowledge of construction and facilities management in design through the BIM approach
Hao Wang, Xianhai Meng, Patrick J. McGetrick

Leadership development in the South African construction industry
Murendeni Liphadzi, Clinton O. Aigbavboa and Wellington D. Thwala

Measuring project risk management performance: a preliminary model
Larissa Rubio, Alfredo Serpelland Ximena Ferrada

Opportunities and challenges in adopting higher strength reinforcement bars in reinforced concrete structures
Teng Hooi Tan

Opportunities for UAV’s in construction planning, performance and contract close-out
Edgar P. Small

Optimizing organizational structures in real estate and construction management
Josef Zimmermann and Wolfgang Eber

Organizational culture and stakeholder success criteria in construction projects
Ahmed Alhiddi, Allan N. Osborne and Kelechi Anyigor 

Perceived impacts and solution to poor project management on abandoned construction projects
Oluwaseun S. Dosumu and Clinton O. Aigbavboa

Practical application challenges for construction submittals in a paperless contract file
P. Tod Smyrichinskyand Scott W. Kramer

Product service systems in construction supply chains
Niclas Andersson and Jerker Lessing

Proposal for typology and definitions of service categories in a general PMO model
Imre Szalay, Ádám Kovács and Zoltán Sebestyén

Qualitative analysis of electrical-related change orders on university projects
Wesley Collins, Robert A. Bugg and Alex Layson

Risk sharing in the construction work contracts
Magdalena Apollo, Agata Siemaszko and Adam Kristowsk

The development of a questionnaire survey to investigate the critical risk factors in oil and gas pipelines projects
Layth Kraidi, Raj Shah, Wilfred Matipa and Fiona Borthwick

The impact of view-restriction: a Delphi case study from Budapest
István Hajnal

The influence of historical conditions on time and cost of construction project
Magdalena Apollo, Beata Grzyl and Paweł Jakubowicz

The integrated collaborative environment and its value to the procurement process in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Azzam Raslan and Dr Georgios Kapogiannis

The predicating determinants accessibility of credit small and medium enterprise in the construction industry in South Africa
Olanrewaju Abdul Balogun, Justus Agumba and Nazeem Ansary

The relationship of risk assessment with project success: an empirical study of small and medium contractors in Gauteng, South Africa
Berenger Yembi Renault and Nazeem Ansary 

Using historical data of economic variables in investigating variations in building construction cost index
Neslihan Atabeyli, Merve Kuru and Gulben Calis

Using RFID’s for job-site productivity evaluation of labor and crews
Edgar P. Small

Creative Scheduling in Construction

A framework for modelling masonry construction using Hybrid simulation approaches
Orsolya Bokor, Laura Florez, Allan N. Osborne and Barry J. Gledson

A simulation-based approach for optimal construction planning and scheduling
Berardo Naticchia, Alessandro Carbonari and M. Vaccarini

Dynamic 4D space planning using chronographical modeling
Thibault Mazarsand Adel Francis

Employing critical chain and lean concepts to develop the planning and control framework for linear construction projects
Chung-Wei Feng, Fernando Enrique Mixco and Yi-Jao Chen

Influence of network structure on schedule performance –Extending criticality index to capture ripple effect of delays
Gunnar Lucko, Yi Su and Richard C. Thompson, Jr.

Sustainable Construction, Health and Safety

A framework to evaluate the resilience of hospital networks
Shiva Hoseini Ramandi and Hammed Kashani

A probabilistic model for evaluating the impact of prepositioning of rescue centers of earthquake consequence management
F. Golshaniand Hamed Kashani

An investigation of the most waste-prone materials and waste causes in prefabricated steel structure building projects
Babak Rahmani Mirshekarlou, Irem Dikmen and M.Talat Birgonul

Application of heart rate variability for thermal comfort in office buildings in real-life conditions
Santiago Fernandez, Ignacio Lázaro, Aitor Arnaiz and Gulben Calis

Assessment of green building standards: identifying aspects/opportunities for future improvements
Chakkrit Luangcharoenrat and Singh Intrachooto

Behavioral and parametric effects on energy consumption through BIM, BEM, and ABM
Mohamad Hajj-Hassan and Hiam Khoury

Collusion and bid rigging in the construction industry: case studies from Poland
Andrzej Foremny, Janusz Kulejewski, Hubert Anysz and Aleksander K. Nicał

Comparative review of assessment methodologies of building embodied energy
Weiyu Ji, Nan Guo and Edwin H.W. Chan

Designing city installations for socially and environmentally responsible behavior
Erfaneh Allameh and Mohammadali Heidari

Design for sustainability in education
Erfaneh Allameh and Mohammadali Heidari

Designing for construction ergonomics in Slovenia
Alenka Temeljotov-Salaj, John Smallwood

Developing of evolution analysis algorithms in regenerative design and decision-making; demonstrated through a case study in Shiraz, Iran
Ali M. S. Kashkooli, Parisa Mahya, Amin Habibi and Hamid R. Sharif

Development of the prediction model of workers with fatal accident at construction site using machine learning
Jongko Choi, Bonsung Gu and Sangyoon Chin

Ecological and functional technical mortars with rubber
Gina Matias, Isabel Torres, Filipe Rei and Filipe Gomes

Energetic analysis of complex modernizations of educational buildings
Tamás Horváth

Feasibility and practicality of replacing hydroelectric dams with wind turbines
Keith A. Rahn and Aaron Schuff

Heritage Building Information Modelling (HBIM) to make informed decisions when retrofitting. A case study
Francisco Sierra, Lamine Mahdjoubi, Bill Gething, Abdul-Majeed Mahamadu and Ammar Alzaatreh

Investigating the hindrances of implementation of occupational health and safety among Small Medium Enterprise’s in the Gauteng province of South Africa
Nokulunga X Mashwama, Hildah Kale and Clinton O. Aigbavboa

Methodology for assessing the comfort of an urban environment in terms of availability analyzing
Olga Pilipenko, Elena Skobeleva and Aleksey Bulgakov

Preventing the collapse of Reinforced Concrete (RC) structures, and support work during construction: a support work manufacturer’s perceptions
John Smallwood 

Probabilistic risk appraisal and mitigation of critical infrastructures for seismic extreme events
Alon Urlainis and Igal M. Shohet

Research on regional characteristics and clustering protection of Shanxi historical villages and towns
Keren Ding, Yi Heand Wen Zeng

Review of collusion and bid rigging detection methods in the construction industry
Andrzej Foremnyand Wojciech Dorabialski

Visualization, Virtual Reality for Design and Construction, Building Information Modeling (3D, 4D, nD)

A BIM based approach for optimization of construction and assembly through material selection
Abdul-Quayyum Gbadamosi, Abdul-Majeed Mahamadu, Patrick Manu, Olugbenga Akinade, Francisco Sierra, Thep Thanh Lam and Ammar Alzaatreh

A comparison between different approaches for 5D BIM in construction site surveying
Marco L. Trani and Manuele Cassano

A review on Internet of Things solutions for enhancing construction equipment fleet productivity
Emile Zankoul, Hiam Khoury, Diana Salhab and Soheila Antar

A system framework for RCM-based facility maintenance management in a park area
Yuan Ren, Zhiliang Ma, Xuefeng Song

Application of 4D CAD system for infrastructure projects with construction schedules and distance coordinates
Seung-Kim Hyeon, Mi-Park Sang, Hee-Lee Jae and Seok-Kang Leen

BIM and architectural heritage
Omar Selim and Sonia Ahmed

BIM training in construction management educational practices in Croatia and Slovakia
Sonja Kolarić, Tomáš Mandičák, Mladen Vukomanović and Peter Mesároš

Development of a framework to support the information flow for the management of building
Berardo Naticchia, Alessandra Corneli and Alessandro Carbonari

Developing an interoperability framework for Building Information Models and facilities management systems
Sandra T. Matarneh, Mark Danso-Amoako, Salam Al-Bizri, Mark Gaterell and Rana Matarneh

Development of a BIM-based cyber-physical system for facility management of buildings
Alessandro Carbonari, Leonardo Messi, Berardo Naticchia, Massimo Vaccarini and Massimiliano Pirani

Identification of relevant project documents to 4D BIM uses for a synchronous collaborative decision support
Veronika Bolshakova, Annie Guerriero and Gilles Halin

Identifying and analyzing BIM specialist roles using a competency-based approach
Mohamad Kassem, Nur Liyana Abd Raoff and Djamel Ouahrani

Mobile-based 3D reconstruction of building environment
Lei Lei, Ying Zhou and Hanbin Luo

Quantitative ways of measuring client’s preferences: a step toward creating an intelligent architectural design agent
Mai Sherif, Somayeh Asadi and Ebrahim Karan

Should BIM change the language of engineering education?
Žiga Turk

The development of BIM-based augmented reality system for fire safety equipment inspection
Yi-Jao Chen, Yong-Shan Lai and Chung-Wei Feng

The gradual transition to BIM in Syrian companies
Sonia Ahmed and Petr Dlask

Virtual Reality applications in architecture: Bill of Quantities & Virtual Reality
Jordan Davidson, John Fowler, Charalampos Pantazis, Massimo Sannino, Jordan Walker and Farzad Pour Rahimian

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Keynote speakers

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Ghassan F. Aouad
The art and science of leadership in construction
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Tarek Bahgat
Risk Management and Governance of Mega Projects
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Daniel Castro-Lacouture
Better (and within reason) design-construction interactions in a BIM world...
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Jesus M. de la Garza
Shortcomings in Plain Vanilla CPM Schedules


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